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The Tractor Lad


Photo Gallery

1967 Ford 4000 1967 Ford 4000 As Arrived 66304871 Side View 66304872 Rear View 66304873 Side of the engine Note the big oil filter housing 66304874 Side View 66304875 Casting Code 14th April 1967 66304876 Dash Quite a modern looking dash for a 1960's tractor, decal underneath tells you the gears and PTO info 66304877 Under the Bonnet 66304878 Side View of dash Under the tinwork is the fuel tank 66304879 Gear box area 66304880 Primer The 2nd of 2 primers is applied here - Vapormatic paints as usual 66304881 Rear In Primer 66304882 Mostly Done 66304883 Fuel Tank Here we see the fuel tank back to bare metal 66304884 Red Oxide Red Oxide is first applied the the grey primer goes on 66304885 Going Back Together Note the blue in places, this is done to cover any awkward bits 66304886 Rotted Wings Repairs to the wings were done 66304887 2 Repaired Wings Welding, filling and sanding have all gone in to achieve a good painting base 66304888 76355165 76355166 76355167 76355168 76355169 76355170 105174886 Finished 105174883 Side View 105174884 From Rear 105174885