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The Tractor Lad


Photo Gallery

1957 Massey Ferguson 35 1957 Massey Ferguson 35 60393083 60393085 60393086 60393084 60393087 1957 Massey Ferguson 35 As arrived 53702546 Another View 53702547 23c Engine fitted 53702548 Rear View 53702549 Side By side Before and After 53702550 Core Plugs The core plugs had rotted away, proberly due to lack of Anti freeze. 57573674 Bare Tractor This picture shows the bare tractor thats nearly all in primer 57573675 Gearbox The steering box was removed to be cleaned thus opening the gearbox at least we can have a good look inside 57573676 Fulcrum New fulcrum bushes and centre pin were fitted 57573677 Sump The sump was removed to be cleaned, primed and painted 57573678 Surface Imperfections Imperfections in the castings, such as this battery leak pitting were filled 57573679 Tin Work Here the tin work is be fitted 60395861 Back View 60395862 Engine Close Up New filter and pipe work can be seen 66300764 Finished Here we see the completed tractor 66300762 Another View 66300763